Synephrine CAS: 94-07-5(582-84-3)


CAS: 94-07-5 (582-84-3)

Citrus Aurantium Extract /10% 30% 98%Synephrine
Product Name: Citrus Aurantium P. E
Botanical Name: Aurantii Immaturus Fructus
Part Used: Fruit, Peel
Active Ingredient:  Synephrine
Mol. Formula: C9H13NO2
Mol. Weight: 167.21
Purity: Synephrine 90%-98% by UV
Extract Ratio: 4: 1 to 200: 1
Appearance: White powder

1. As the raw materials of drugs for bacterial infections, sedative and anti-cancer, it is widely used in medical field;
2. As the product of sedative and boosting immune system, it is widely used in field of health product;
3. As the product of leisure and boosting immune system, it is widely used in cosmetics industry.

Main Function:
1. With the function of antibacterial and anti-fungi, it can resist various bactirier, such as staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, shigella dysenteriae, typhoid bacillus;
2. With the function of lowering blood cholesterol, reducing thrombosis, improving micro-circulation and nutrient supply, it can effectively prevent cerebrovascular diseases.
3. It has the function of spasmolysis and cholagogue.
4. It has the function of anti-inflammatory and sedative;
5. It has the function of anti-cancer, aldose reductase inhibitory effect of the eye

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